About Us

Our journey has led us to our Mission at Bowman Health: to help anyone who wants truth and knowledge for their life and health utilizing natural and energy solutions. We believe in treating the whole being and leading individuals on their own path.

Paul and Rosemary, Bowman Health Founders

Our journey began in 2010 when Paul’s own health declined and there were no clear answers. Traditional medicine had no answers that made sense, and only seemed to exacerbate symptoms. Being in the medical field as a Paramedic for over 25 years, Paul truly respects the acute treatment and intervention in emergency situations. However, the traditional medical model held no answers for the ability to safely manage or cure chronic conditions. This is where our journey began.

Beginning with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), a world of knowledge was opened regarding the importance of individual diet for wellbeing.

Paul graduated in 2013 as a Certified IIN Coach and Rosemary followed with graduating in 2017.

(Pictured left): Energy4Life Event, (Pictured right) Our daughter Kara's wedding.

We began Bowman Health as Health Coaches which was a natural progression with our backgrounds as a Paramedic and Rosemary’s profession as a Registered Nurse since 1984. Paul also has a Doctorate in Ministry, which has given him the ability to treat the whole person, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We have a close family member with severe Addiction issues. This led us to seek natural solutions to assist. Paul became dually certified in Mental Health and Holistic Addiction Recovery through the Alliance for Addiction Solutions in 2014. This enabled us to look at the root causes of Addictions and offer natural solutions and supplementation.

Homeopathy was the next progression. After investigation, it was revealed that there was so much more than Homeopathy available. Homeopathy was just a small piece of the puzzle.

Paul began his education at the Hahnamann College for Heilkunst to become a Heilkunst practitioner in 2016. This opened a whole world of knowledge for not only treating but curing conditions. Most of which are caused by shocks and traumas and inherited chronic miasms.

During this education, we became aware of and fascinated with energy medicine. We both became certified Bioenergetic Wellness Practitioners in 2019. We utilize a Bioenergetic Wellness system which scans the body field and addresses energy blockages. Blockages that are not addressed lead to illness and disease.

Rosemary continued her education in Functional Medicine and graduated in 2020 as a Functional Medicine Health Coach from Truly Heal Academy.

(Pictured left): Alternative Medicine Conference, London 2019. (Pictured right) Paul speaking at conference.

Your path has led you to us. Our desire is to start you on your path to knowledge and wellness.